George Zonders

Public Information Specialist, Columbus Department of Public Utilities

Member Since: 1984

(Charter Member)

A charter member of the Brass Band of Columbus, flugelhorn player George Zonders has, at one point or another, sat in most of the band’s cornet and horn chairs. However, in all fairness, it must be pointed out that he left promptly and without argument when ordered to do so by the people who rightfully occupy those chairs.

The court-negotiated version of George’s patchwork employment history includes stints as a caterer, educator, videographer, tour guide, talking tree, chicken (don’t ask), radio news reporter and – currently – Public Information Specialist with the Columbus Department of Public Utilities. Fellow BBC members find it oddly appropriate that George’s career now involves communicating issues related to sewage.

Originally from Westerville, George currently resides in Grove City with his talented, tolerant daughter Sarah and two guinea pigs named Pete and JubJub. Despite his advancing years, George remains easily distracted by shiny objects, and – given a choice – still prefers to play with the box rather than with the actual gift.