Bill Bailey

Career: Materials Planner

Member Since: 1991

Bill  has 3 children, 2 birds and 2 very spoiled Papillons.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management from OSU and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Franklin University. While at Ohio State, he toured Japan with the Concert Band, visited the World’s Fair with the jazz band, and survived 18,000 script Ohio’s with the OSUMB. Well, survived might be the wrong word. Bill also wandered the corridors of several colleges within OSU, from Music to Astronomy, finally landing on the one not requiring calculus or music theory.

Since 1991, Bill has played the Eb Soprano, clearly demonstrating a lack of intelligence. Funny thing….every year the written notes get higher, and the mouthpiece gets smaller. He also served as the BBC’s Business Manager for a two of years. He is currently the band’s Operations Manager, responsible for booking performances.

A licensed pilot and SCUBA diver, he spent several rather exciting moments in the Bahamas on a shark feeding dive.

Bill is an Equipment Planner with Nationwide Children’s Hospital.