Friends and Family.

Normally, around this time we would be in the midst of publicizing our annual God and Country Concert; however, these are not “normal” times, and this year event – originally scheduled for March 28 – has been cancelled. So, too, has this year annual shared concert in Dayton with the Ohio Valley British Brass Band (March 22). We anticipate both events will return next year; in the case of God and Country, we are hopeful that this year guest artist – trumpeter Chris Jaudes – will be able to join us either next year or soon after.

We will let you know when our performance schedule resumes; in the meantime, thank you for your friendship to the band and please remain safe. Lastly, if we can offer one observation: at each of the above two events, a freewill offering is collected. This year, we would humbly request that any such earmarked donations be directed toward an organization that supports the less fortunate, be it your local food bank, The Salvation Army (our partners with the God and Country Concert), or any similar agency/charity. Those who turn to these services to get by during tough times are likely to be impacted even more right now.