Educational Outreach

Educational Outreach

What is the BBCEO Program?


The Brass Band of Columbus Educational Outreach (BBCEO) program exists to:

  • Advocate the importance of music education in the schools.
  • Foster a deep appreciation for quality music-making in a live setting.
  • Promote music as a lifetime experience.


The BBCEO Program is administered by Tony Zilincik as Acting BBCEO Chairperson along with the members of the BBCEO Program Advisory Council, and consists of two major activities:

  1. The Shared Concert Series
  2. The Young Artist Competition

What is the Shared Concert Series?

Each year, The Brass Band of Columbus schedules, at a school director’s request, will coordinate a number of concerts shared with school band programs. These events are scheduled on a first come-first served basis and are subject to scheduling limitations.

These events may be in a “concert only” format or be presented in a “clinic/concert” format.

  • In a typical “concert only” format, the school band will perform first, followed by the BBC, and finally a combined performance of at least one piece. This is only a generic format and may be customized by the school band director to suit their particular needs. Combined rehearsal will typically take place directly before the concert.
  • In a typical “clinic/concert’ format, pedagogy clinics will be conducted prior to the shared concert. These clinics will be given by members of the Brass Band of Columbus and will focus on brass and percussion pedagogy and performance skills. This format will require scheduling on a weekend, to allow time for the clinic and the concert.

We have compiled a resource guide for educators, students and others providing information about the brass band genre, instrumentation, and an overview of the BBC. Please download it – we hope you’ll find it useful and welcome your feedback.

BBC Educator’s Guide

  • Shared concerts may be ticketed events at the discretion of the school.
  • Shared concerts are permitted for use as fundraisers for the school program and can be publicized using BBC branding in promotional marketing.  The BBC Education Outreach Chair and or Advisory Council will provide access to correct brand logo files and verbiage.
  • Ticket prices will be set by the school director and if officially organized through the BBCEO program, no compensation will be due to the BBC.

What is the Young Artist Competition?

Beginning in the winter of 2008, the Brass Band of Columbus will hold a Young Artist Competition for high school-aged brass players and percussionists.  Each soloist will perform a piece from a list of standard repertoire chosen by the event organizers.

The performers will be judged on tone and intonation, technical proficiency, and musicality by a panel of three adjudicators, selected by the director and assistant director of the BBC.

Prizes are awarded to the top three contestants. In addition, the winner is invited to perform with the BBC at a concert held in the spring.

Learn more about Young Artist Competition and information related to specific annual events:

  • The Inaugural 2008 Young Artist Competition
  • The 2009 Young Artist Competition
  • The 2010 Young Artist Competition
  • The 2011 Young Artist Competition
  • The 2012 Young Artist Competition
  • The 2014 Young Artist Competition (June 10, 2014)
  • The 2015 Young Artist Competition (June 9, 2014)
  • The 2016 Young Artist Competition

BBCEO Program Advisory Council

Please address all initial inquiries to our BBCEO Chairperson.

Tony Zilincik, BBCEO Chairperson (Assistant BBC Director & Eb Tubist), Associate Professor of Music: Tuba, Composition and Theory, Capital University Conservatory of Music

Brian Stevens, BBC Director

Dr. Paul Droste, Emeritus Professor of Music, The Ohio State University; BBC Founder and Director Emeritus

James Swearingen, Music Education Chair, Capital University


The Brass Band of Columbus is a non profit organization and all members (including directors) are unpaid volunteers who devote countless hours to this musical genre because they love it.  We welcome donations and sponsorships to offset our operating expenses - from facility rentals to music purchase and instrument repairs.

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