The BBC is their Legacy

During the first 25 years, we saluted those who gave so much to make the Brass Band of Columbus legendary.  As we end our 33rd year, it has been quite a journey with fantastic, talented and dedicated members.

Upon the retirement of Founder Dr. Paul Droste, we confer the title “Emeritus” to those members who have given so much to contribute to our rich legacy and continued success. Of course, Dr. Droste is the first recipient as Director Emeritus.

As a tribute to Founder, Dr. Paul Droste one member was initially selected annually to receive the Dr. Paul Droste Founder’s Award along with conferring Emeritus.  Following are the list of Emeritus members to date:

  • 2004 – Dr. Paul Droste
  • 2005 – Paul E. Bierley
  • 2006 – Les Susi
  • 2007 – William Weltzheimer (posthumous award)
  • 2008 – Ray Spillman
  • 2009 – Jules Duga
  • 2010 – Ray Castle
  • 2016 – Gary Tirey (deceased April 1, 2017)